Sunday Photo (non) Fiction 11-10-18

The days of old, horses were the first way a man could reach a destination faster than walking. Over 6000 years of history, the horse has proven to be a best friend to man, starting out with them being grouped, clubbed to death for meat over 50,000 years ago to them now being revered as a helpful animal that is well loved by most. To me horses are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. They are sensitive, loving, protective and loyal animals. According to the Equine Heritage Institute, comparing the horse to the Iron Age, for example:

“Horse Eras

• Era of Consumption (50,000BC to present)

• Era of Utilization and Status (4000BC to 1900AD)

• Era of Herding (3500BC to present)

• Era of the Chariot (1700BC-400AD )

• Era of the Cavalry (700BC – 1942AD)

• Era of Agriculture (900AD – 1945AD)

• Era of the Carriage (1700AD-1920AD)

• Era of Leisure – (1900 to present)”

Some of our images of the importance of the horse appear in early cave art in France and other parts of the world. The greatest preponderance of prehistoric horse cave art appeared between 15,000 and 12,000 BC, along with other images of deer, mammoths, bears, lions, wolves and foxes.

A personal story of my grandfather: While bringing home a load of supplies in Montana with his draft horses pulling the wagon and his riding horse hitched on the back, there was a horrible lightning storm. My grandfather was struck and fell on the ground by the wagon. He remained there for days until a hunter on a cliff above spotted something dark on the ground by an abandoned horse drawn wagon. He investigated and found my grandfather, deceased. The horses had all stayed in their places.


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