The Haunted Wordsmith 11-02-18

She plopped the whipped cream onto his pancakes. How he could stomach chocolate chip pancakes plus the cream fluff every morning was beyond her mind, but it kept the relationship sane. Life with Jeremy wasn’t easy, he wasn’t your typical child. He had a wild imagination and her only respite was the hours of the week he attended school. In class he was the optimum example of a student. He completed assignments quickly, never had homework, and played well with others.

Typically she spent her days quietly, contemplating life through the microcosm of a crystal ball by the window. If there were few clouds, her morning observation was bright and cheery. This was one of those days. She greeted the day and set her uninterrupted hours schedule by the ball in the window. She had no calendar or cell phone or computer to tell her what she should expect or choose.

If the ball shown bright as it is today, it was gardening, admiring nature around her small home and enjoying the outdoors free from distraction. Her garden was as far into the real world she ever stepped. If it was cloudy or dark, she remained inside, reading, painting or cooking. Everyday her routine never varied from what the ball suggested.


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