SYW 10-29-18


1. I would not want to run into a rabid animal.

2. The creepiest thing that happened to me – having a man cut me off, pull in front of me and get out of his car and walking to my car window.

3. Are you kidding? I have no idea. For a laugh I think “okay, who’s with me?”

4. I think legends come from somewhere, so who is to know, really?

5. I don’t go to horror movies.

6. Clowns are horrid things, and yes, creepy.

7. A flamethrower.

8. Yes, I think they are interesting. We used to do it as children, and the ouija board.

9. Maybe because they look great at night.

10. I think most anything that can take your mind off daily problems that go on is a good thing.