Word of the Day: Mephistophelian

I continue Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Arrow story with part two here:

That is when I looked up and saw him. He had put his hand on mine as I touched the book on display. I looked at his face for a second and another chill, but this time it filled my whole being. I quickly withdrew my hand from the leather tome with the inscribed arrow and he stepped back, almost surprised.

Again I looked at him, this supposed bookstore clerk. My curiosity piqued as I realized his costumed figure. I couldn’t dismiss the idea I had entered the magical world of a different era. I was so mesmerized by his appearance I stumbled on my words.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any harm, it just drew my attention. I seemed to be drawn straight to the book as soon as I entered the shop. I. . .I’m looking for a gift for my friend. She loves historical romance.”

The man turned to the shelves behind him and selected a different book, “Rebecca”. This might be a better choice and handed me the book. Suddenly his face changed from the mephistophelian figure head to a softer look and I felt compelled to know more about this strange man.

Mephistophelian – Word of the Day Challenge


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