1:35AM and the third WS game just ended

Game three of the World Series – I watched til the tragic end, with LA winning. I should take heart, though, we (Boston) are still head 2-1 but dang, I was so hoping for a third win in a row. I must say Muncy getting the last score was irritating since he had cheated us out of a definite strike called a ball.

It was the longest game in World Series history, 18 innings and lasting almost 8 hours. I pity you in the east if you stayed up til the end. My grandson gave up at midnight!

I have no love for LA players but Muncy, Turner and Machado, let’s just say. . .well, let’s not.

I have fresh respect for pitchers and catchers. I fear Nunez will need medical leave after tonight. That poor guy spent a lot of time flat out in the dirt.

All in all I think watchers of the series this year are getting their money’s worth.

Who are you rooting for?




9 thoughts on “1:35AM and the third WS game just ended

  1. Go Dodgers.

    When I was a baseball fan I was a Dodger fan and they are the LA team and the Rams are the greatest team in the history of all sports and they are in LA, too, so I gotta say “Go Dodgers.” Plus, it’s been a while. Be nice to see them with a title after so much time.

    Having said that, go Red Sox, too. It’s baseball so, in the end, your happiness is more important than that other stuff. Good luck!

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