Red Sox Win!!

I admit it’s been a few years since I watched an entire baseball game, but I very much enjoyed this one. Red Sox pitchers were awesome. The slow motion showing them as they threw the ball was painful to see, made me wince, but I had to chuckle at the pre-throw poses of some pitchers. It reminded me of the Karate Kid!

Friday in LA for the next game, a lot warmer for everyone, supposed to be about 86 degrees F. We’ll be watching the rest of the series, rooting for the Red Sox. Jesse will be interviewed by ABC world news on Friday evening. I’m sure we’ll have to deal with our 15 year old’s “big head” for a few days!

Go Red Sox!!


15 thoughts on “Red Sox Win!!

    1. Thanks! I watched the whole series and think it was more entertaining than most bb games I’ve seen in the past. I’m very happy the Red Sox won. I’m a NE girl at heart. ☺️


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