World Series is on at 5:30 pm MST

I guess we should have known at this age, what Jesse was capable of. He was the lead role in this play waaaay back when. Those glasses and the bow tie kill me, but of course I am a grandparent and proud.

Actually winning the Jackie Robinson contest this year was a great honor, but flying from Denver to Boston was Jesse’s second plane ride–he doesn’t remember his first one of course, when he was adopted from Korea as an infant. This was the look on Jesse and his dad’s face when they were picked up by a limousine by MLB.

It has been their mode of transportation in this three day trip. This is the gear they were given, Jesse’s shirt has Jackie’s number 42.

More pics coming as I want to share this lifetime event for our family.

They will be on ABC World News Friday night and tonight’s game. Just when you think you need a boost, you get a great one like this. We are happy!



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