MLMM Bonus Wordle- F

The flight attendant looked one last time in the mirror, adjusting her uniform to make sure her femininity was on display. She didn’t want to open the floodgates of the masculine passengers whenever she chose to flutter her eyelashes or flaunt her lovely flesh, but she did want to impress.She didn’t think of it as flirting or “coming on” to them, she just wanted to be regarded as beautiful. It was not really Marie’s fault, being naive. Marie regarded her beauty as her single asset. She went about it the wrong way, and ended up being misinterpreted.

Marie always wanted to work in the fashion world. To complete these dreams, she chose her present job to make influential contacts, foreshadowing her desired future. Thus the forfeit of the stewardess job in order to meet these people. As a result of her misguided efforts to impress, Marie’s fruitless attempts to be taken seriously resulted in flibbertigibbets in the crew to fairly froth at the mouth with ridicule.


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