Putting My Feet in the Dirt 22

What’s your favorite they always ask

Smetimes answering is a task

I love a lot, not just people or things

Animals, but also what life brings

If we’re talking colors, red is a fave

But picking a shirt, blue or green I crave

Well I guess I’m also attracted to brown

I’m not into colors worn by clowns

Purple, yellow, I can do without

But rust is worn, gives me some clout

Now black is slimming I agree

Good for my own figure – bodily

Green and blue clothes that match my eyes

Receiving compliments a nice surprise

But even being a Broncos fan

Ogre orange was always planned

While watching the game it was all at our feet

Orange crush soda and orange treats

Orange shirts and orange food

If seen without it, you were rude.

Denver’s colors have often changed

But we old orange crushers still remain.


October Writing Prompts