Putting My Feet in the Dirt 4

“The Gnomes of Netherland”

The girl was small for her age. She had dreams of greatness from constantly reading in her spare time. Every subject seemed to fascinate her as she read of fairyland adventures, animals portrayed in humanlike forms and tales of frog princes.

As she grew her imagination swelled and she started writing stories of similar creatures in her own words. Even in her busy teenaged years she kept writing. Throughout her education she attended the library’s author sessions where she would meet some of her idols.

As her profession was chosen to be an editor in a small publishing company, she continued to meet authors she admired. On this day she was the author featured at her local bookstore where she signed copies of her own storybook, “The Gnomes of Netherland”. As she met and talked with the young customers, she reflected on her journey.