Putting My Feet in the Dirt 3

“Step right up and get your sweet sample from the newest microbrewery in town!” The oldest brother of the two, Josh always was the charmer in charge of procurement. Procuring funds of course for the two other brothers so all three could enjoy their latest whims.

The brimstone brew they had concocted from their grandfather’s secret recipe had a slightly more visible tinge of red than their grandfather’s original. The secret ingredient making it prettier for its beguiling, even compelling beer, was blood. Well disguised in flavor, if not color, the crowd seemed pleased and after a small sampling at the local tasting event, were ready for more, insatiably so.

The idea was proposed to the brothers when they were running out of the inheritance their grandfather provided. Instead of finding legitimate jobs, they found a friend. A most convenient co-conspirator by the name of Mr. Black. He helped the boys form their new company.

The crowd felt almost addicted to the new tasting beverage and didn’t realize the consequences of imbibing too much. They were fascinated by the new decor of the brewery, all black and red and even grew fond of the initial macabre items of decor. The boys were sitting pretty. . .for now.