The Haunted Wordsmith Challenge 2

The challenge for today is to tell a story or poem about the pumpkins that get left behind on Halloween.


🌽 Well I’m not in the least surprised you weren’t picked. You are one of the lower vegetables.

πŸ₯”I resent that! Just because we’re lower to the ground doesn’t mean we’re lower in rank!

πŸ‰I agree with the spud. We fruits and vegetables on vines have extraordinary flavor!

πŸ₯’You are so right. And we’re versatile! Whoever heard of pickled corn?

πŸ†Exactly! I’m one of the most versatile of all and you can’t beat my coloring!

πŸ₯•I quite agree, Eggie, but I also display a colorful and nutritious image.

🌢I also have to chime in because I have extreme flavor. Cornball, face it, you’re. . .bland!

πŸŽπŸπŸπŸŠπŸ‹πŸŒπŸ’πŸ‘All right you guys, settle down. You know we all admire you for standing up for your friends. We grow above and sometimes are quite concerned for you all, down on the ground there. But the trials of October come every year and you must stick together and support your fellow pumpkins. Not being chosen because of a wrinkle or blemish is quite upsetting. Think of what it would be like to see your neighbors disappear and be left alone to rot.

🌽I guess you’re right. Maybe I was being a bit heartless, but this is a vegetable problem. Go back to your fruit salad.



2 thoughts on “The Haunted Wordsmith Challenge 2

  1. It’s tough being a pumpkin. We only come out once a year and are forced to hang out in a lonely farmers field.

    Only the brightest and best are chosen. The rest of us are worm food or worse, we’re fed to hippopotamuses. What kind of a life is that?

    We are beautiful, bright and orange. What’s not to love? And why must we have faces drawn on us and forced to put up with hot candles?

    I’m done. Just needed to vent a little.

    Yours truly, P.

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