MLMM Bonus Wordle- C

Joe tried to hide his satisfaction, when considering the freedom he had now achieved. The fate of his captor was closure he needed. It had been too long for him and his fellow prisoners under the contemptuous rule of this chief of police. He had control of the city and caused chronic fear in the area under his rule.

The cause of the chief’s demise was his own greed, growing callous with his efforts to steal from whom he considered miscreants. Possibly he failed to realize until the noose slipped around his neck, that he was the largest thief of all, thwarting any efforts of true compliance to established rules to help the needy. He grifted that currency and caused mayhem in the poorer districts.

As Joe heard the thud of the counterweight and crush of the cervical spine of the chief, he was satisfied. The tyrant would rule no more.


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