MLMM Bonus Wordle – A

“Abracadabra, inside this tent is the world’s most atypical aardvark in the world today! Step right up, we’re always open to the arduous customers of County Almond!”

The barker swept back the huge curtain artifice and waved his customers inside. He kept the curtain tight, to avoid a wide angle vision for the unsuspecting crowd. His assistant turned up the amplifier and played weird creepy music to entice the crowd.

As everyone assembled in the folding chairs placed on grass under the large carnival tent, they agonized over waiting several minutes for the event to begin. Mumbling their discontent grew ever louder, but then the barker appeared.

“I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, but tonight’s show will be canceled. Our guest, the aardvark, has broken his ankle and has been deterred from performing. Of course you may keep your tickets to use another day, but there are no refunds.”

The disgruntled crowd grew louder and unwillingly filed out of the tent.