Putting My Feet in the Dirt 5

It was considered a stark painting, not well received. The fact her efforts were not recognized favorably by critics didn’t bother her at all. She knew the reason behind it, knew the hidden beauty of “Woodland White”.

Jenny lived in the woods. She always dreamed of living in a secluded cabin with only nature’s beauty surrounding her. Her previously celebrated works of art now afforded her this dream turned reality.

Winter was the most beautiful season in her opinion. She painted all seasons, but there was a certain unique beauty and artistry to capturing a frozen landscape. Some might think it’s just a mound of white snow, but Jennifer brought out all the nuances of the winter scene. The many shades of white, dappled with creams from the sun, midnight blues, and icy sparkles, all fascinated her.

Jenny lived an unencumbered life in the cabin with all of nature’s splendor.




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