WATW #29 – The Joint is Jumpin’

Mike and Joe had looked forward to this all day. Lively music from the “Jumpin’ Jivers”, drinks aplenty, and no work this long weekend. The girls were meeting them at nine, so they had time to partake of the club’s specialty, jalapeรฑo cheese burgers with fries. All in all, the boys were ready for an evening of good food, music and anticipated romance.

Not having to work the next two days, the young men were ready to party. They both hoped the girls were also. Dancing and drinking was for them an outlet from their daily hard worked jobs as ditch diggers. The old fashioned term was now referred to as waterline excavation teams. It was hot dirty work, but still needed even with modern equipment.

Cindy and Sue were also looking forward to the long weekend and hoped the boys would want to dance all night as they did. The band, “Jumpin’ Jivers” was their favorite, playing a variety of old songs and new, all with a danceable beat. The girls were early, since taking a taxi instead of walking, to the club. They found the guys inside, wolfing down huge hamburgers. Upon seeing the ladies enter, Joe and Mike ordered another round of beer plus two. A good time was going to had by all.

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