My Two Cents

I have always supported and honored the military, and veterans. I have been alive through a few wars and of course it’s still going on, everywhere, it seems. I saw the results of heros coming home and the mistreatment of Vietnam veterans returning home–a home they should have been welcomed to, but were not.

I won’t get into all the details here, but I think their treatment then and even veterans today, is deplorable. There are organizations such as IAVA that are trying to remedy that. That is just one.

I encourage you all, take your children to the veteran’s hospitals near you, visit, talk to them, show your children what it is to be a soldier, what they have to sacrifice. Maybe if more people did this, the push for warring would diminish.

It’s hard to believe the concept of a world leader who has the ability to wield such powerful weapons has never served in the protection of his so called beloved country. This from CNN today:

Whatever your political beliefs, a hero is a person who puts their life on the line, away from everything they’ve known including family, to serve their country. John McCain was a hero and no president in their right mind should be allowed to criticize, belittle, or dismiss this fact. The idea he tweets is just dishonorable to the office of president.


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  1. The Military do not choose their wars, politicians do that for them. anyone who gives their life deserves our support and thanks, because, in my observation, politicians don’t really care but are happy to put them in battle.

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  2. Sen McCain had a horrific time of it while a POW…my BIL was in the Hanoi Hilton for a year only before he managed to escape. John McCain was there during the same time period. Our entire family of staunch Democrats admired and respected Sen McCain. Not only for his patriotism but for his strength of purpose, his integrity and his abiding notion that he was a steward for this country. That filth in our White House can never understand people like Sen McCain, and because he can not must ridicule and belittle men and women like him. November can NOT come soon enough.

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    1. He was the only one in that party that had a backbone. The rest of the Republicans, and even a majority of the Democrats, are too spineless to stand up to this buffoon. His schtick is getting old though, and the people who vote aren’t afraid It. Vote these weasels out of office people!!!!

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