MLMM Tale Weaver #184 “Time’s Up” and MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt: Rorschach

“Times up!” The doctor stood up suddenly from his desk. It was his way of making a point. “Well?” He stared at the teen, impatient and frustrated by the absence of response. Doctor Smythe had seen these charlatans before. Spoiled kids who tried to get their parents’ attention with odd behavior. The patient looked up from the paper image and had a vacant expression on his face.

The image was not only frightening to the young man, but quizzical, too. Should he tell the doctor what he really sees in this image? Can he rely on his help or will he lock him in a room like his parents did? Michael started feeling panic. He felt the acid from his stomach slowly creeping up into his mouth. His body started to sweat, fear penetrated his brain. He dared not look at the image again, the horror of it was too much.

To see on paper the image that plagued him day and night, especially in his dreams, cemented the fact the monster does exist. It’s captured here in small form, but he’s seen it much larger, encompassing him when he’s alone. It disappears if someone enters the room, but returns even larger when they’re gone. Not only does it get bigger, it stifles him, almost choking him with a wretched odor.

Michael’s brain decides that Dr. Smythe is the creator of this monster. Why else would he have a picture of it and make him stare at it, asking for a response? Michael reasoned he had no choice. Once the doctor was removed, the monster would be gone also. Dr. Smythe had to go.