100 Word Wednesday #81

“It certainly doesn’t look like a dentist office!” Marjorie wasn’t looking forward to her appointment, and as many women of the older generation, abhorred change. “New and improved” methods of doing anything, it seemed, were usually not well understood and not easily accepted if at all, by the octogenarian.

Marjorie had been putting off a dentist visit for more than five years and her teeth and diet suffered. This day her granddaughter accompanied her to an appointment to remedy the situation, insisting her grandmother submit.

Hesitantly sitting herself in the large reclining chair, the applied gas sent Marjorie’s worries away.

100 Word Wednesday: Week 81


7 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday #81

  1. I have a question… and it might sound very weird and/or stupid, but I really wonder… Do dentists really use that funny gas in the U.S? I’ve been in my share of dentists’ chairs, and all they ever did to calm the pain was to barbarously poke me in the gums with a syringe, until I pretend I don’t feel anything anymore….

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    1. Awww poor girl, I sure hope it is not the case! That’d be terrible 😦

      Thanks for the video… LOL Though I am sure some of them are lovely people, I am convinced that others are psychopaths with a white blouse 😛 LOOOOL


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