MLMM Photo Challenge #223

It’s only a dream she kept repeating to herself, squeezing her eyes shut, afraid to open them until the vision went away. Why would I be in a dry pool? Why would I be fully dressed with shoes even? This must mean something, dreams always mean something.

Jerked awake by her constant companion, Ragnar, the Newfoundland, Marie dismissed the dream. “You’d save me if I fell in a pool, wouldn’t you Rag?” Marie hugged the huge dog and got up to let him out into the yard. She watched as he performed the morning ritual, killing the weeds around her only tree. She relied on Ragnar to be her protector and her friend. She would never again be lonely with his strength by her side.

Marie was a quiet author of small importance and worked from her home. Her infrequent outings were always accompanied by her faithful friend and the neighborhood knew them well.

This day Marie received a request by email to meet a new publisher. A cafe a short distance by foot was decided, and Marie left Ragnar at home. As soon as she met the man, a weird feeling came over her. She reached down for Ragnar, forgetting she had left him at home. The meeting went pretty well and Marie decided to put aside her first impression. A second meeting was arranged to go over details of an intriguing contract.

As Marie prepared notes from the latest writing effort, she was looking forward to the next encounter and a promising contract. This meeting was to be held at the editor’s home, only a short distance from Marie’s. She once again unwillingly left Ragnar and walked to the editor’s home. Out of her mediocre neighborhood, Marie was surprised to see a large beauty of a home before her. Spending most of her time inside her own space writing, she hadn’t ventured this far before. Gathering up her courage, she rang the bell and was greeted by the man who first contacted her.

Slightly amused at his casual bathing attire partially covered by a robe, Marie was led to the patio where he had obviously been swimming in his pool. He apologized for his damp appearance saying he simply forgot the time. He turned towards her after pouring her a cold glass of tea, only to see a frightened look on her face.

“What’s the matter, my dear? You’re white as a sheet!” He offered his arm to help her sit and reached out with the cold brew. “It is rather hot out here, maybe we should go inside.”

Marie didn’t hear him, ignored his arm and pushed aside the tea. She couldn’t help herself from walking towards the pool, the exact pool from her dreams. The same small blue colored tiles, and the vision of herself there at the bottom, fully dressed. She suddenly turned to face the man beside her and doing so, lost her balance. She inexplicably sank to the bottom, helpless to push herself up for air. The editor was in such shock he seemed to be frozen on the spot, unable to help or even scream for someone else to help.

Marie drifted into death, lastly hearing Ragnar, crying and howling, unable to rescue his beloved mistress.


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