Daily Addictions Prompt: Pointless

I’m not a techie

I really don’t care

What cords are which

Or what goes where

Recently I had nightly noise

From a receiver, a tech “toy”

Called and they said okay

We’ll send a new one straightaway!

It did come quickly, I admit

Opened to find the same old –it!

Refurbished, had a few scratches

So I called to see what the catch is

Meantime an email also arrived

A day after I surmised

I needed to get a replacement

It said, don’t throw it in the basement

Or sell, just recycle is what they meant

No problem but the new one didn’t work

The next phone guy was a jerk

Rude and sort of condescending

Grandsons hear his voice unending

“We can upgrade for a fee”

He said almost nastily

Replied I think this is a used one

“Would cost extra to get a new one”

Pointless not to accept my fate

The new bill I won’t pay

We set it up, worked for ten minutes

Now it’s off and I can’t use it.

It’s late I’m tired, not ready to deal

Or I’d tell the phone guy how I really feel.




3 thoughts on “Daily Addictions Prompt: Pointless

  1. An entertaining read, but how frustrating for you!

    A while ago my intercom went on the blink. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. A friendly technician came and fiddled with it. He said he hoped that would do the trick, but if not, he’d give me a new one. A couple of weeks later it stopped working again. A different technician turned up. He said he’d replace it with a new one that was in his van. He detached it from the wall and took it to his van. A minute later he returned and fixed an intercom to the wall. I didn’t notice until he was gone, but it was the same one!

    The nice technician has since been back and fitted one that works.

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