MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 7-22-18

She decided to try it, at least one time. If I die, I die, she thought with a curious smile. Kiki wanted to sky dive. A dangerous event, but she loved the thought of it, hurling herself into the air, hopeful the chute would open and she would not end up in a splat on the field. She smiled again, what would they think then? Would I be heralded as a brave young woman, a stupidly dangerous girl, or possibly suicide by parachute, never releasing the clasp to loosen the life saving device?

She had planned this for a while. Her name had always been a moniker for unusual behavior, stretching the limits in one way or another. Now at 25, she was going for the ultimate, in her mind, challenge. She sought a company that would let her do it on her own with no companion on the descent to back her up if needed. Finding a careless flight company was exactly how she planned the outing.

After a twenty minute tutorial in what to do when, she scrambled into the small plane, along with the pilot and one crewman. As the plane climbed she felt a rewarding satisfaction in that she was totally in control and what happened next was up to her only. As in many ventures, she loved the aspect of danger, on the edge of panic but still in control.

It was the moment she had looked forward to, the door opened, it was time. The pilot gave a thumbs up and the other crew member adjusted and checked one last time. She stepped out and let herself fly. Such a free feeling, she was surprised at how wonderful it felt. There was no lurching in her stomach, she was falling fast but it felt like floating.

The altimeter on her wrist started beeping, she was fastly approaching the red warning to pull the cord. She gazed at it, unwilling to adhere to its warning. She fingered the clasp, hesitant to pull it down, the floating felt pleasing, possibly the best feeling she had ever experienced. The light flashed a brighter red as if telling her, can’t you see me? I’m brighter, more insistent, pull the cord!

She surveyed the approaching ground, even seeing the intended landing spot. Should I, or not? She spent a few seconds thinking of what their lives would be without her, could she do that to them? Could she commit to this final act of selfishness? Tears smashed into the safety goggles as she pulled the cord. Now her stomach rolled as she was jerked up swiftly when the chute pulled her up from the ground.


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