Sunday Photo Fiction 7-22-18 and Putting My Feet in the Dirt 22

Pouty Penelope was working those legs as fast and as strongly as she could, all the while muttering how much she despised spending her Sunday afternoon on this horrible hot venture.

It was a bet she lost with her brother she now regretted fully. She should have known he would win, he always won, but for some inexplicable reason, she succumbed to the challenge once again. It was probably karma, she reasoned, after the way I treated him when he was little. The idea of a baby brother to care for at age ten was reason enough she thought. I had to care for him while other girls my age ran outside with their friends.

All these thoughts running through Penelope’s mind disguising the truth of her undying adoration of her little brother. As she saw him tiring, she pushed herself enough to keep beside him, glancing at him with a new smile.