Time to Write

Visitors, visitors, I felt like the rabbit in Alice and Wonderland–I’m late…I’m late, no time to say hello goodby, I’m late…..scurrying around getting ready, checking everything is in its place, dust wiped, floors mopped, food they like all prepared and ready, kitchen and bathroom immaculate, every corner checked, every napkin folded, every setting complete, sparkling glasses, every condiment housed in its proper place, and then…

The waiting. Afraid to go out, start a new writing, get the mail, or pay the rent because I need to be here, at the ready, appearing as a person who receives visitors all the time so I’m used to it, but.

I can’t help pushing drapes aside, rechecking the door to make sure it’s unlocked, rechecking every detail.

I haven’t heard, are they coming or not? Should I start cooking the potatoes? I don’t want them to get mushy, salad made, I can’t do anything more until they arrive.

Preparation for rare visitors you haven’t seen for ten years is not my cup of tea. Oh! I should make tea, or coffee? And I thought I was prepared!



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