SYW July 16, 2018

Before we get started I have to admit something I just noticed last week, my bad. And this is truly embarrassing! I’ve always excelled at typing. I used to type 120 words a minute, and that’s on a manual! The same for shorthand. Of course I haven’t used those skills in a million years and my laptop is old, slow and covered with dust. Sometimes I surprise myself in the fact of how much I ignore technology because I can’t seem to grasp it, so let it pass by.

Wait, this is funny. . . I get a notice once in a while on my phone asking if I want to change keyboards. They offer this “qwerty” keyboard and I never checked it out. Yes, my face is reddening as I write. Last week I was staring blankly at my iPad wondering about a word and noticed the first six letters on the top row of the keypad. . .yup, qwerty.

In my defense, all the time learning typing at least a hundred years ago, we were not allowed to look at the keyboard. So all letters were stored in memory by your fingers, not really visualizing them as a board? I don’t know if I’m explaining it right. But usually I’m the only one in such matters, yet again. Ok, let me hear a big “DUH!”

Here are my answers to‘s Share Your World this week. Thank you C, this is a wonderful way to get to know more about each other!

1. Gelato if it’s only one. To me it has much more flavor and creamier, even though the labels read differently. Maple walnut is my favorite ice cream flavor, but hard to get outside of New England. I like yogurt okay, but rarely have any of these. It’s like plum wine, I don’t keep it around the house, too easy to indulge.

2. I like to people watch but rarely get the chance.

3. I like them all, but being in the mountains with a fresh water lake would be a dream.

I have to say some blogs and a very close friend made me smile this week already and it’s only Tuesday! How great is that? A few of us went to see Antman and the Wasp and it was funnier than the original, very enjoyable.

This week I’m just happy my bills are paid, I have a clean made bed, and not having any appointments or phone calls to deal with. Compared to last week, this is heavenly!

Share Your World – July 16, 2018