SoCS and Putting My Feet in the Dirt 30

“Life gets teejus, don’t it” said by an old comedian somewhere, but it always stuck with me. Because life is always a constant battle between what is good or bad, fun or irritating, discouraging or rewarding, or boring like this post.

Speaking to a bank representative who has a constant spiel, she comes to cockamamieconclusions about what I’m trying to get across to her. This is after going through the automated service that speaks slowly, irritatingly so, and says numbers and dates at a turtle’s pace. Having an automatic payment suddenly denied for no reason makes these calls necessary to endure. The fact that the auto payment has been made every month for four years ought to give her a signal that the bank made a mistake. And yes, I have money in the bank to cover it. It was denied for no reason except to make me spend Saturday morning on the phone talking to a person or automated services–the company that was denied payment and the banking institution.


Hope your Saturday’s going better.

Now for the Cheers part: My twenty year old granddaughter is moving today into a rental house for the last two years of college. Now that is worth cheering about. A Daniels scholarship winner and ambassador, we are very proud of her!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 30/18


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