Mystery Blogger Award

Okoto Enigma @ is the creator of this award and was one of the first blogs I followed.

Thank you goes to Reggie German at for nominating me for this award. I have enjoyed his blog, new to me for a few weeks. He is a school teacher with great insight to children and writes poems and stories from his life experiences.

I have received awards, this one included and I very much appreciate receiving them as an opportunity to name other bloggers I’ve just met and some “oldies but goodies” as well. My confidence has been given a boost and an incentive to keep writing here. Thank you to all followers and readers! And please comment if you have any thoughts good or bad – be honest. I love comments!


Three things about myself are old hat now. If you read me, you know me already. I am a scribbler of my life, sometimes fact mostly fiction. I digress, number one – I love that phrase. Β Two. I just bought this in an attempt to be taller in my wheelchair:

It’s a patio chair pillow that should remain “fluffed up” more than a regular chair cushion. Three. My exciting life contains buying items like the pillow above and this small but very cute ceramic casserole to warm things in the microwave:

Yup, that’s about all the news that’s fit to print from me on this day June 17, 2018, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.


Answers to questions ^^^^Reggie asked of his nominees:

1. I am retired. I planned on being an executive secretary or a journalist. The first happened, the second a dream.

2. My sense of humor. Example: I was in line at Wal-Mart and the person ahead had a huge pile of dog food bags in his cart. We were both waiting a long time for the person ahead of us. I thought I would break the tension and asked him, “so, do you have a dog?” I thought it was funny, but the guy just looked at me like I was nuts.

3. No routine. Something comes to me with a word or picture and I just start scribbling.

4. Just like I previously mentioned, random. Easy to read, hopefully funny at times, or thought provoking.

5. You mean besides what I’m wearing right now? Which is pajama bottoms, gray with pineapples and plants, beige camisole and my favorite autumn hued cardigan. It’s Sunday, everyone else is out of town celebrating Father’s Day with my son in law’s dad and family. I get to be lazy, braless, comfortable and undisturbed.😳☺️😎


Five questions for my nominees:

1. If you have an award free blog, why?

2. Who influenced you most in your life so far?

3. Do you cook or bake? What’s your specialty?

4. What is your favorite movie ever?

5. Do you floss?


A favorite post? Most of the ones I personally like are not the most popular ones. Hmmm, lately the one I received the most likes on was a short simple poem: Daily Prompt: Guilty.


I need to preface this list by saying, if you see my icon, I like what you’ve written and usually comment, so please don’t be offended if your blog is not on this list:

A Wisconsin Woman’s Blog

Out of my Write Mind

This, That and the Other

Zombie Flamingos







Cyranny’s Cove


Rachel Poli

Laura Bailey

Martin Cororan




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  3. Hey, a heartfelt congratulations to you! I appreciate the nomination, but I am one of those with an award free blog…so I must decline.
    But I will answer your question about my choice to be award free.
    My entry into blogging grew out of my joy for writing and photography and my desire to share my enthusiasm with others. The fact that readers find their way to my posts and discover content they enjoy is the icing on the cake for me.

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