MLMM Tale Weaver 175

“Tom, could you zip me up please” as she turned her back. Marie was resplendent in her blue satin evening dress. Tom took time to gaze upon her reflection in the mirror. The dress brought out the beauty of her large light blue eyes. Marie caught his gaze and smiled adoringly. She admired her husband’s choice of evening clothes as well.

This night was looked forward to by the newlyweds, being the fourth night of the honeymoon, and the first venture out of their hotel room. Marie grasped his offered arm and they stepped out to the street. A tourist attraction caught Tom’s eye and he flagged down the horse and carriage for a trip around the park. The evening was warm and bright stars peeked from the canopied trees in the park. Marie nestled in Tom’s arms hardly believing it was all real.

Arriving at the hotel entrance once again, Tom took Marie’s hand as she stepped out of the carriage. Their dinner destination, a few doors down, was a new restaurant where Tom made reservations for a discreet corner table. Preparations for the dinner were arranged by Tom, and the previously ordered champagne arrived immediately. From out of nowhere, Tom produced a rose for Marie. The scene was romantic and perfect, the fairytale Marie had always read about as a child.

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