Putting My Feet in the Dirt 14

The song I’ve always loved was based on a poem written by George M. Cohan, “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and here’s an excerpt:

Today is flag day here in the states. Last year I tried hoisting a flag on a pole attached to the wall on my patio. It is very windy here in Cheyenne and it ripped the holder out of the what I now know was a flimsy piece of plastic siding attached to nothing. My grandkids were over so we finally taped the flag pole to the column on the front of the patio with matching beige duct tape. It was great!

It was only an hour before I got a warning to take it down or I would be assessed a huge fee and possible eviction…..on flag day! Flag day, when we as Americans, should have the right and/or obligation to display such flag.

I was furious. Surrounded by fellow apartment dwellers consisting of mostly military, and first responders, I was incensed. Why shouldn’t I be able to display a flag to honor them with my respect? We took the flag down. We left the tape hanging there as a protest. I haven’t received a notice about the tape. If they want it removed, they can do it themselves. Said flag is standing in the corner of my bedroom. What a shame.



I wonder if I would get the same response if I bought a few pirouetting penguins to display on the patio? Probably not, but a hefty “pet fee” would be assessed for sure. They wouldn’t last long anyway, given the small space, heat, dryness, and exhaust fumes in the adjacent parking lot. What’s a woman to do?😳😎



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    This is Steph, with Curioussteph and also with the Ragtag Daily Prompt. A bit ago, you were interested in prompting. We now have an opening–are you interested? Please let me know, and its fine if you don’t, I’ll quit bugging you. Just wanted to give you first crack at the opportunity. Thanks, and happy Flag Day to you!

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    1. That’s the main thing. Being able to put up your prompt on time on the Ragtag Community site. Its just like posting on your own site, but using the Ragtag header. We are trying to be consistent time wise, coming out at 6am or before MDT (I think you’re in WY, I’m in CO). Many of us just get them set in advance and then schedule their release. I do try to check on my posts to make sure they go up okay, sometimes there are glitches. We all help out that way, and if a post isn’t up, a sub may go up. We do have a private facebook group for the Ragtag prompters and the person who put our site up for us. It makes communication a little easier to track than via email or on wordpress. We use that to check on things–like what happened with a prompt (earlier this week someone had computer issues and it went up a little late), or do we want to change anything ,etc. I don’t think it will take much time. Of course we are still new at this, having started June 1, and so we are still working out some bugs and figuring stuff out as we go along.
      Hope this answers your questions, and let me know if you have others, of course.

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    2. Great! we are happy to have you. As far as days, you can have either Tuesday, which would start on the 26th, or Friday, which would start on the 22nd. Either is fine (I currently have Friday, and will trade or not). The posts have been one word, and I think we are open to variety.
      Are you on Facebook? If you are, even as an irregular user (which is my status), it would be helpful for communicating with the group, easier than finding threads on posts. And whether you are on FB or not, an email would be helpful as well. You can either reply to me here, or email me with that information. My email is stepsmythe@gmail.com.

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