SoCS 6-2-18

I must write this today, Friday, because Saturday is high school graduation for my sweet grandson and a gathering afterward. Cool!! It’s probably not going to be very cool tomorrow since some genius decided to have the ceremony at 1:00PM and it’s outside. Brilliant! Cap and gowns over clothes, etc not very comfortable. It was 89F here yesterday but tomorrow it’s supposed to be a pleasant 73F. Keep your fingers crossed.

I purchased a sun hat from the Dollar store for the occasion. . .oh lordy it’s been a while since I wore one of those! : )

As to the subject to be discussed on the prompt, your favorite word, should I be discreet and say it is “cool” which I seem to be saying a lot lately, or the one that pops out when I am startled or scared or hurt that causes my 11 year old granddaughter to shoot me a look? I’ve even written a few of those words here on the blog but don’t spell them out completely. I know full well that I shouldn’t let any of those horrible disgusting words pop out, but they do.

Full disclosure: I was having an argument with my husband a few years ago and said a “bad word”. He calmly replied, “It’s my understanding that anyone who uses language like that has a bad vocabulary”. Should I tell you how I replied to that bit of wisdom? Nah, that was a really bad one. It’s funny to think of it now. Probably the most trying thing in my 40+ years of marriage was his ability to remain calm, never argue and just slip in a quiet killer comment.

So we’ll just stick with cool.


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