FFftPP Week 22

He came to pick up his son after school. Walking home down the dark street added to the disappointment he constantly felt the last year. Why was he acting this way, the question most in his mind. What is causing this errant behavior in my son, a puzzle he couldn’t solve.

Mr. Drake had adopted Frankie at six months of age. He was loved equally by his parents and siblings. He was amazing, intelligence outweighing some of his brothers, and excelled in school. He was interested in everything and had a lot to say about it. Everyone around him enjoyed his company. He was good at making people laugh and was never condescending to classmates.

Mr. Drake, his family, teachers, friends, were all proud of Frankie. This was the norm until Frankie completely changed his behavior at the age of thirteen. He was failing in school, doing homework but never turning it in. He was a behavioral problem in class, either talking or sleeping. He stole food from smaller kids in the lunchroom and at home was sullen and unresponsive.

Mr. Drake was at wit’s end. Could it be drugs? If so, where did he get money for them? Unanswered questions.

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