SYW May 28, 2018

I’m late in posting, but hello on Tuesday, here in the “good ol’ USA”, at least that’s how we used to say it. And of course even with all the bad news, our (leader) and football season coming, rights of free speech, protesting, new regulations from the EU, flooding rains, approaching tornadoes and hurricane season, let’s see….have I covered most of it? I still feel privileged to be living here in the United States of America. Two sides of every coin are experienced here and that’s a main reason I love it.


So on to‘s Share Your World questions and answers:

1. Picnics? I love them, especially if there is natural beauty around you for entertainment. Unless I was on a trek through the mountains, or desert, I would not want any tech items with me. If inspired, pencil and paper would be nice, and could I ever go out in nature and not be inspired? Absolutely not. Bread, cheese, fruit, veggies and water would be my choices for a picnic. πŸžπŸ§€πŸ₯’πŸ…πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ‰πŸŽπŸΆ

2. If I ever go on vacation again, or even overnight, I would want a clean bed for sleeping. Old days of sleeping in a bag in a rain soaked tent are definitely not my style anymore.πŸ•

3. The top three items for a new place to live are in my dreams. Not at all practical or even feasible, but here they be: cabin, wood stove, inside bathroom. 🏞

Because I’m a broken record on this question, family. A friend is going through a terrible time right now and does not have family support, in fact just the opposite. It’s time like these I have to say how grateful I am that I have the family I do. ❀️


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  1. The US certainly has been through worse times and better times…that’s for sure. The Internet has amplified everything beyond anything we have ever seen before. I like to say (not meaning offense to anyone) that before the Internet, towns could handle their village idiot…now with the Internet, a village idiot in Florida and one from Maine and another from Oregon can all chat. The more they chat, the louder their voices grow until others think they are the majority. When really, the majority sit quietly at home going about their lives. They are sad times right now, but reason will win out and things will get back to the new normal. We can only stay at the poles for so long, before people have to come back to the middle for survival.

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