Let it Bleed 19

“You can do it,” she whispered. She slipped her hand over his and pushed his trigger finger, slowly. The shot hit the woman directly in the heart, dropping and killing her instantly.

She lead her accomplice off the building roof and disposed of the weapon in the laundry chute next to the elevator. A quick hop into a cab and no one would ever know who murdered the infamous Stormy Daniels.

Of course there were suspicions, many T. related, but there was no actual proof. There was a rumor that S. H. S. had no alibi, or a former favorite mayor, but as anything that happens around our fearless leader, no proof would be found.

Totally unrelated news report the following day of the sudden demise of a former CIA informant.



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  1. I wish no ill will on anyone, but I bet more than one person associated with his brand has thought about this…lol

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