Daily Prompt: Infect

First of all, I have good news and not so good news. Number one, this is how I spell relief:








I read the results of my 3 year cancer screening online and they show another year cancer free. YEA! 🎉🎊👍🏻🖖🏻🎊🎉I called the doctor’s office with no luck so looked the reports up online myself. You always have to be your own health advocate. Why you have to wait nervously two weeks for test results makes me think the responsible parties were never in that position.

Number two, received my copy of AARP magazine in the mail today. I detest that magazine and usually throw it in the recycle without reading. Today a cover article about clearing out cr– from your cell phone looked interesting and this is what I saw:

Now I find this disgusting! I doubt I’m alone in this. Are there many people who read AARP and look like this, or even want to?

In my opinion–warning–this is an infection of the worst kind. A trickle down effect, from a grandmother to mother to child?

A condition affecting younger and younger girls–little girls who should be getting dirty in old clothes, hair a mess and skinning knees–not wondering what dress to wear at school or that their hair is perfect. I’m not suggesting little girls ever read AARP magazine, but the constant bombardment of the media as a whole upsets me.

It starts at younger and younger ages, just like every other harmful thing out there.

Rant done….Maybe I should have added rant at the title of this post. The magazine is in the bin.



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