AtoZ Challenge Y and SoCS 4-28-18

Why do people spend a good amount of money for tickets, snacks, etc on a movie theater event and then sit and talk to each other the entire time? I’m asking, because that was our experience last night.

My grandson and I went to “Infinity Wars” at a special theater with great new sound, not too loud like a lot of movies these days, but clear. Two grown men sat next to my grandson because I was sitting next to my wheelchair. The theater was full. These two men were loud during previews but we thought they would quiet down. They didn’t. Every time the sound quieted when actors were conversing we couldn’t hear any of the actors because of their constant talking.

I was getting more irate as the show went on. I finally said “shh” to my grandson’s embarrassment I’m sure. Didn’t stop. Probably my grandson was afraid they’d accost him, he’s a little guy. Later I just sat up and leaned out and looked at them. No change. I finally said to my grandson so they could hear, “this is rude”!

These two “adults” were acting like two year olds.

Going to the movies is a luxury. We both looked forward to this one for months, only to have it ruined, for me at least. The manager came out and spoke to them. As soon as she left they continued. The whole experience, including the movie itself, was a huge disappointment.

Yielding to rudeness is not my style. If possible I leave, if not, I’m not just going to sit and take it.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS April 21/18


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