SYW 4-23-18 and Movie Monday

I was up all night and no it did not have anything to do with going to a matinee yesterday with the fam. Two had seen “A Quiet Place” and wanted to see reactions from the rest of us because it was “so scary”. It had one startling moment that wasn’t in the preview, and the rest was just not scary at all. There is an extremely sad moment. But it wasn’t worth going to the theater for. Now for a real (worth it) movie I’m looking forward to “Infinity Wars”. I finally just gave up trying to sleep, again, and did crosswords. Next time I’ll just text ElaineπŸ˜‚

It is Monday and time for‘s questions and answers from her Share Your World post. So here are my answers:

1. I tried to think of an endless supply of food that certainly I would enjoy but others? Maybe not. It would be bread, all flavors, shapes and sizes. 🀀

2. Five or more books or movies that cheer me? Tough one. Of course there’s always Dr. Seuss which invariably cheers me. I’m just a kid at heart. I don’t usually read funny books, but “Cruel Shoes” by Steve Martin comes to mind. David Sedaris I read a couple but didn’t really enjoy them. For movies, I am cheered much of the time, whether it be a comedy or a true story of inspiration or the good over evil type. The last feel good movie I saw was “Thor Ragnarok”. It was very funny, not at all like the other Marvel group. I liked “Hoosiers”, “Soul Surfer”, “The Sandlot”, “Stripes” a little of everything. I love movies in general.

3. If there was a mouse in my house in the evening, he would die of boredom, that is after he envied my plate of cheese and crackers. I am either reading or writing, or watching something on television I taped earlier.

Last week brought both joy and sadness to the family. A young friend died of cancer, had a husband and four sons. One of the family will be fitted for hearing aids due to a birth defect years earlier. Then a call from the MLB saying they are taking my grandson, his dad and brother to the Colorado Rockies game today as their guests, where they will sit with Sharon Robinson, Jackie Robinson’s daughter behind home plate, and meet players. Check it out, it might be televised!

Tomorrow, Jesse receives the Grand Prize at South high school here, for his entry in the “Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers” essay contest. Woohoo! I wrote about the concept of this contest here:

PS: 2pm, just found out local sports news covering whole thing, and Rockies officials are moving the interview to the media room at the stadium in Denver, Colorado. Wow! Jesse rocks!


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  1. There is always something good happening in your family, you all support each other through difficult times too.

    I might not be awake in the night for a while ☺️ I felt like I was floating on a fluffy cloud after just one tablet last night πŸ˜‡ and I have not got one ache or pain today. πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. Texting to Elaine sounds like a good choice, you’d have good company. I was up until (last time I saw) 2 am. Finally fell asleep and stayed in bed until late in the morning today.
    Hope you’ll have a good night tonight.

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