SYW 4-16-18

Howdy doody partners! Middle of April, still not really spring yet, but nice today, expect snow on Wednesday. So it goes… It is Monday and I’m resting up from an eventful weekend, but it’s time for‘s Share Your World questions. Here are my answers:

1. I think the most influential life change event for me was having two failed back surgeries in 1999, a month apart. They didn’t relieve constant pain and resulted in having to use a wheelchair to get around. Odd to think what I would be doing if they had been successful. . .I know–dancing–badly!

2. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Ironman, my favorite Marvel character! Anyone seeing Infinity Wars next week?😎

3. If I had to choose just one genre of music, I would have to say the eighties. But let’s not, I love almost every type of music, not really rap, or twangy?

A lot to appreciate from last week I’ve probably already written about, birthdays, soccer games in freezing winds, museum trips, dinners with relatives and more. I am truly grateful. This week will probably be a rest period for the next week to come. I’ll let you know if anything exciting comes up😃


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