Daily Prompt: Deplete

While I hate to admit defeat

Hearing and listening seems a cheat

In noisy restaurants the words deplete

Not making it across to my seat

Now getting together is really neat

But when you can’t get on your feet

To lean in to have the receipt

Of conversations that are sweet

It’s frustrating to have to bleat

What was that, could you repeat?

I realize it’s not just my problem

Even my youngers could put a rant on

They couldn’t hear said words either

Not just a matter of hearing, neither

It’s that some people should take a breather

And curb their public loudness features.



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Deplete

  1. Haha! Love it! My husband hates going to restaurants for this reason. Today a dear friend took me out to get a pedicure and she was so loud despite frequent requests from me to keep it down. I felt sorry for the other patrons…

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