FFftPP – 4-10-18 and Secret Keeper #135

“It’s perfect! It’s just what we need for our coffee shop!” Joe was glad the light was behind the structure for her first view of their new home. Mary was skeptical, hoping for a more established yard, even a tree would have been nice, she thought, but didn’t want to discourage Joe on first look.

The dry surroundings and gray sky gave Mary a slight feeling of foreboding. Joe’s taste was a bit different than hers. “Look! It’s even got a sign board out front already! This is going to be great! We’re going to be rich!”

Mary hesitantly walked inside and immediately brightened. The interior was cozy looking, had a fireplace and a few tables and chairs. The small kitchen needed help, but that was her specialty. Joe’s specialty was knowing Mary and fulfilling her dream.




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