MLMM Wordle 190

“It is simply unthinkable! An erudite bride in these social circles marrying a man who is definitely underneath her in status! My word, what will everyone think?” Mary’s grandmother was beside herself, thinking of the repercussions of such a match. Of course the main thread of this conversation, one sided as it is, is that the older generation has minatory feelings when it comes to social castes.

Mary was in love, was not a scatter brained woman, and decided to bend the old fashioned rules her grandma had set for her. Mary and her caretaker were at an impasse when social commitments were planned by her grandmother. Mary had a thirst for adventure, for stepping out and meeting new people. Her grandmother did not approve.

Having met the man of her dreams, Mary confronted her grandmother with her intended. As they entered the conservatory, Mary introduced her fiancée as Mr. Anthony Grimes, lead actor in the new stage play, “La Cage aux Folles”. Mary’s grandmother swooned.