MLMM Tale Weaver and AtoZ Challenge E

“Step right up ladies and gentlemen, children, friends, come one, come all, to hear the tale of a miraculous healing!” As the people gathered round, all eyes were on the barker’s companion on the small stage.

“Each and every ear should be eager to hear of this economical, employee’s efforts to enhance his efficiency. Ladies and gents, you will be envious as you behold the enormous energy and enthusiasm this young man enjoyed as he entered into an exceptional experiment to enhance his abilities in the workplace. His environment excelled in efficiency from the creation by yours truly with “Barker’s Bluff”! There will be no exceptions for success and this man here is a fine example of how an everyday executive can exceed expectations.

Please, step right up and exercise your eagerness to examine my companion. Notice the enhanced ears for hearing, the elegantly engineered fingers for writing evenly, and the ever evaluated speech in evidence by his exaggerated lips.”

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these enhancements are exactly what every executive needs for complete efficiency! Step right up, everyone, and examine him, evaluate, and compare. Only five dollars a bottle to eventually achieve the estate of greatness…”

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