Tell Me Something Good #101

I was just laying here, trying to sleep. Does your mind wander at that time like mine? I usually have to smile about something, giggle if I think it’s a good story, or cry, thinking of something upsetting. Tonight is a good one, so thought I’d share it with you.

My first day going to the VA for volunteering, I took the curb to curb bus. They come to your door or lot, and load you on one of those mechanical ramps. It was my first excursion here in WY with the scooter. As I left my apartment I didn’t notice the missing sidewalk piece because it was covered in snow. I see the bus waiting. I turned the corner, the scooter tire went into the hole of the sidewalk and tipped over. Go on, laugh, it was a funny sight I’m sure. You know those cartoons where you see something going along and it disappears? Well that’s what the bus driver saw. He saw me and then I was gone. Luckily he had no other passengers and came to investigate.

I was laying on snow and gravel on the side of the walk. I couldn’t get up, was soaking wet already. The driver was a very slight man. I could see he was hesitant to lift me. I had to laugh as he was trying to help. We finally got me up on the scooter seat. I don’t know if he noticed my backside had gravel stuck to my coat. Maybe he did and didn’t want to embarrass me or was afraid to brush it off. Nevertheless I didn’t feel it of course. I went to the VA hospital, filled out everything, got my ID, etc, all still sitting on the scooter. I did notice the left leg of my pants was wet. Took the bus home.

Back in my apartment, I moved from the scooter to the wheelchair to find I was soaked from my waist down to my knees from the snow I fell in. Also saw about ten pieces of gravel I had been sitting on the whole three hours. Of course my coat remained on and I’m sure no one saw it, but I just laughed thinking about it. I think if I had moved into a regular chair during the orientation process there, we all would have gotten a laugh out of it.

A short story long, I think it’s a good thing. Have a great day!😂


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