SYW 3-26-18

Hidyho! Sun is shining, 36F degrees and I have new upstairs neighbors! They moved in Saturday and I already like them. They are normal – hope I’m not jinxing anything! Another March week gone, time is passing fast. I’ve been sleeping better, so most everything is all right with the world. has new questions for us this week. She has an endless capacity for coming up with them! Check out her blog site. She’s more than just a pretty face….😉

1. Favorite color of hair? I have red hair, grown to appreciate it, like it, my best feature and still get compliments on it. However, as a child I hated it, being called carrot top, red, etc….I wanted raven black hair that shown blue highlights in the sun, or was that just in books?

2. Five things I’m good at…hmmm. 1. Speaking my mind🙄, sometimes at the wrong moment. 2. Smiling 3. Laughing 4. Talking😳 5. Listening

3. I have many animal favorites. Large dogs, wolves, horses, cows, large cats. Not really into reptiles.

This week I have to appreciate my grandson again, well actually, it’s every day of every week, but the new soccer season started and he’s great at it, #4.


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  1. So pleased you now have normal neighbours upstairs 😊 has anyone told them that the neighbour downstairs is far from normal 😬 lol, loved your answers this week Cheryl you are such a romantic wanting raven black hair 😏 I love red hair in fact it’s my favourite colour. I would have it now but red and grey 🤔 nope. X

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