MLMM Wordle #188

Walking by the church graveyard, Joe did not see the nightmarish looking animal before it was too late. An unleashed gnarly animal resembling a dog, but Joe couldn’t be sure. It seemed every muscle of the beast was oddly pronounced. Clearly this animal was a victim of negligence, and probably parasite laden.

Joe wanted no part of the ugly creature, and tried to nullify the whole situation by walking slowly, in a nonthreatening manner. He never dared look into its eyes; he’d read somewhere that is an often misrepresented gesture. He held on to his umbrella, ready to brandish it in self defense if necessary.

The old graveyard never seemed ominous before, but this evening, as the church bells pealed nearby, he thought to himself he’d not choose this lane again. As the higher octave bells chimed, he felt, more than visioned, the scary figure slink back behind the stones.

Joe then hurried down the path to his evening prayer session. He thought a moment about praying for the dog-beast-apparition? But only for a moment.


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