Daily Prompt: Assay

Awoke this very chilly day

Looked around to assay

My bedroom clutter

Only to utter

An unpleasant sigh.

I wonder why

It doesn’t matter

And the latter

Ideas of neatness

Don’t plague me now

I used to make it all pristine

Children about, needs to be clean

Things neatly put away

No longer do I feel that way.

I think it’s a matter of vision

Maybe that could be the reason

Or just that I’m tired

My strength expired

It doesn’t seem to be important

Immaculate no longer ardent

Comfortable surroundings is my goal

No refrigerator sporting mold

But dusty shelves, I admit

White gloved fingers would see grit

But doesn’t bother, I confess

After all, it is my mess.

Age and single independence win

If you can cope, then please come in!



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