Secret Keeper #128 – Guns

She sadly put away the books, her work was finished. The loss of students meant she was moved into another location, a different school. She knew this was not the answer but administrative members were actually at a loss as to how to solve this problem.

Another school shooting that week, more innocent children murdered. In her observation as a teacher for twenty years she thought she could change things. She tried working after school, holding open sessions of discussion with the students and just being there if they needed. Previous traditional routines were not the answer. It had to come from the students, ultimately their parents, to break the link between teaching children about guns and actually having access to them. The “turn off the news” and taming of this growing problem is definitely not working.


“Households that have many guns, not ancient ancestral “treasures”, or the “necessary” hunting rifles, or the “protection from intruder” types, will always be perceived as necessary by people in the US, but the semi automatic weapons should be housed and used only by the military. I may be alone in this, but any gun does not seem to me to be necessary in any form, in a home.

The latest shooting report said that the students “friends” heard him say what he was going to do, saw the guns he housed to do it, and did nothing. How to end these tendencies, these acts of violence, is apparently a mystery to all of us. All the officials’ thoughts and prayers of the world will not end this. What will? Being a grandmother, I am fearful for the school age children. How can teachers be held responsible when the parents ignore or even promote a cache of guns in their home? I have no answers.”


“Check out your elected officials and next time you have the opportunity to check the box, think about yesterday, or the many other victims, and the results.”

Weekly Writing Challenge #128

12 thoughts on “Secret Keeper #128 – Guns

  1. I am not sure that it is clear how utterly insane this whole situation appears when viewed from the other side of the Pacific.
    Our own Prime Minister was over there yesterday publicly announcing to Mr Trump that it was not appropriate for Australia to suggest policy on such matters to a foreign power. This is true, of course. And only good manners. Clearly the situation is screaming out for good manners.

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    1. The subject of manners came up this evening with my teenage grandsons. The situation for one being confronted was diffused with a mannerly reply instead of an unpleasant retort. It’s his parents fault! 😂 You know I’m kidding, right?☺️


  2. Is there a reason why all the politicians are Republican? Are no Democrats funded by the NRA? I don’t know that much about American politics, but it certainly seems like gunlust and Republicanism go hand in hand.

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  3. The NRA has bought their way into wielding waayyyy too powerful a position. I wonder when the citizens of this country will stand up and wield the power they hold. These bought and paid for politicians have to be voted out! Period.

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