SYW February 5, 2018

Hey, it’s February, lots happening! Presidents’ birthdays, Valentines Day, Cancer Awareness Month, and more. Anniversaries and birthdays this month for my family which means, my friends, that dreaded word. . .shopping!😂 But never let it be said I don’t love hanging out with my 18 year old chauffeur, and he’ll be picking me up this afternoon for just that!

As I put on the badge above, I realized maybe some of you don’t know, but it’s just a symbol, no actual joining required, no fees–everyone is invited by to Share Your World! A partial copy of her post below, so come on down! No money or prizes to win, just fun! And make sure to visit cee’s blog at the link below:

My answers:

1. Sorry, I have to keep this top secret. Let’s just say a cabin, fireplace, and warm quilt would be involved. ☺️

2. There are more than one, but on the top of the list would be the lady I wrote about last week, the former nun. She is the most generous person I know with her time, love, and talents.

3. Tag, Duck Duck Goose, Hide and Seek, Dress up, Cowboys and Indians, Scavenger Hunt, Milkman. The only “toy” I remember is a swing, my absolute favorite thing to do.

I am certainly grateful that my family is getting over pneumonia, bronchitis and the flu. Looking forward to my daughter and her husband’s 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow! Congratulations, you so deserve it!❤️


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