MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 238

The old phrase, “don’t bite the hand that feeds (you) – Do not scorn or treat ill those on whom one depends or derives benefit, for to do so is to risk losing those benefits altogether.”

Okay, I understand this meaning well, but I have to rant about WP. I click on the app icon on my iPad and it appears, blue blank screen. Being the impatient person I am, I don’t care to see that blank screen for more than a few seconds. It might be the iPad’s fault, I don’t know. I’m not a tech expert or even on the edge of being close to the edge of technology. I just know it’s irritating. Sometimes it just leaves and I see the iPad list of apps again, not the blue screen. I have plenty of storage so that can’t be the problem. I clear out the Safari I’ve looked at, and the Google app pages. So, what’s up?

That’s not my only complaint. When I get into the app, the editor is difficult to use. And the media always has two images and I delete one of them to save space. I never know until I look at the post again if I’ve deleted the right one. I have been told it’s not really on the iPad anyway, but on the cloud. Am I dreaming? Things have improved some. I can finally write a poem and have the editor place the lines where I put them, but it won’t divide stanzas.

So, rant for today done. This whole “problem” is really insignificant in the world today. Lastly, I love being on WordPress and the other bloggers. Thanks for listening.


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  1. I get it. I had problems with Word and my computer this week and it was making life so difficult since I use it all the time to do my work. The keyboard wasn’t responding, the mouse was wondering off on it’s own and I had a report to finish. Fortunately, after I finished the report I restarted the computer and now it all appears to be functioning again. Sometimes it just needs a kick in the pants?

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