FFfAW 1-16-18 – Fools’ Gold

“Yep! There it is, just like he said. Hard enough to believe he was real, being so tiny and all, but, there it is!”

Joe Blow was remarking to his friend Beaver Cleaver that though they were very educated men, they could believe in leprechauns. They came across the little guy in the forest while looking for mushrooms and not just any mushrooms. They found what they were looking for and decided to have a little picnic. They were just finishing up, when they spotted him. The tiny green man was singing and dancing around a tree trunk and caught Joe’s eye.

Joe and Beaver had eaten quite a few of their roasted favorites and the idea of seeing a small green elflike creature dancing, seemed perfectly natural. They listened to his song about what he finds at the end of a rainbow. Naturally they were anxious to see this “pot of gold” for themselves.

They followed his trail and saw the rainbow’s end. As they grew closer to the site, the effect of the mushrooms dissipated and they had clearer heads. The rainbow ended at a telephone repair shack and the pot of gold – a pail of brass fittings.

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