The Secret Keeper 123 – Picture Book

A sunny day, perfect for the excursion I planned with my granddaughter. She loved animals and this was an exceptional venue. It was in the middle of the city, but like a book that opened to a beautiful picture, it was a hidden treasure.

We drove up to the large, wide grey building, a few stories with hardly a window, it seemed a curious structure. It was standing unusually large, surrounded by smaller buildings. We parked in the underground lot and noticed many large bins located there, adding to my granddaughter’s inquisition. She was young and as curious as me, but I left her questions unanswered.

We took the delegated elevator to the top floor where we met with my husband’s employer. He resembled the actor Stanley Tucci, and whenever I saw him I had to smile, thinking that. However, he was a friendly man but authoritative in business. We had a brief meeting and he handed me the papers I was there to collect. My husband was on assignment and I was there with (Stanley) to act in my husband’s stead.

I took the folder with papers and put it into a large bag type purse I carried. We shook hands and then we were free to roam this amazing building the owner created. He escorted us to a different elevator door from his office and glass encased doors opened to a magical scene. My granddaughter was beyond excited. Mary loved going to the zoo, but this was a wholly different experience.

The interior of the building was hollowed out and contained a huge body of water in the center. On different islands and shores were an assortment of animals. Large doors were created behind these live scenes, allowing the keepers of this open (zoo) to go in and out for maintenance and feeding. There was no warring between the animals here. They seemed content with their open, although contained atmosphere.

Mary was fascinated, and as the employer’s guests, we were allowed to go in and out of the doors in each area to visit the animals. She was thrilled and amazed at the same time. It was as if pictures in her favorite books had come to life.


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